Download our analysis of 5 innovation databases.

Are you an R&D manager involved in technology scouting? Are you responsible for open innovation projects? Do you invest in or acquire technology startups? In this report you'll find: 

  • In-depth analysis of 5 top innovation and technology scouting databases (36 pages).

  • Review of CB Insights, Crunchbase, Linknovate, Mergeflow and Resolute Innovation.

  • An evaluation of each database sources, depth and reach, according to a range of criteria.

  • A description of their search and visualization features.

  • Graphs and figures that show how these platforms work.

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Data-driven innovation & technology scouting is here.

Almost 3,500 new patents are granted worldwide… every single day. Half a trillion dollars a year are spent in R&D in the US alone. The amount of innovation that is being created around the world is staggering.

New tools and services are emerging that leverage data and machine learning to help users investigate innovation and startups. They aggregate hundreds of data sources on technologies, innovators, patents, grants, research, startups, VC financing, M&A activity and investors, mapping out ecosystems and the global flow of innovation. 


Evaluating each tool's features and strengths

Not all datasets are created equal. Each of the tools we reviewed in this report is suited to different business goals. We evaluated each along five dimensions:

  • Geographic Reach i.e. country, region, global.

  • Financial Data i.e. data about investments, M&A, financials.

  • R&D Data i.e. data about scientific and technology research

  • Company Data i.e. data about companies/startup and profile details.

  • Features & Tools i.e. search, analysis, visualization features and UX.


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