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Views Report: Challenges and strategies of international tech companies in the US market

Every year, 3,000 tech companies from Europe and Asia establish a subsidiary in, or move to, the USA. That’s why we set out to explore those challenges and the strategies of international tech companies employ with our 2014 FireMatter Views Survey. We conducted this one-year research project interviewing dozens of entrepreneurs face-to-face and surveying 200+ companies from Germany, Italy, Russia, India, UK, Spain, Israel… 44 countries in total.

Born Globals: the top 5 challenges

Born Globals face many challenges and have to find solutions to execute the internationalization process. Even though there are no definitive studies analyzing this process in depth, we can identify five major challenges that these firms face when entering foreign markets. Let’s find out what they are.

Born Globals: think global AND act global

Today, small startups that grow rapidly across borders and that attack multiple international markets at the same time are so prevalent that it seems entirely normal. However, this is a relatively new concept, a major departure from the traditional internationalization process of firms.

Born Globals: introducing our mini-series

Think global, act global: more than an anecdote, this quote is today one of the rules small and medium firms need to follow in order to step out from their own markets and debut in foreign ones. But, what are the forces creating these “born to be global” companies and which challenges they will face during their life-cycle?

It’s the #FMViews 2014 final sprint

In two short weeks we will be closing the 2014 edition of the FireMatter Views™ 2014 survey of international technology entrepreneurs. More than 200 international companies have responded already. If you want to be among those that will get the complete FireMatter Views Survey Report 2014 for FREE go to to read about it and to submit your entry.

US market development services with a Spark!

Spark is fast, hands-on and affordable—in just 30 days we deliver marketing, business development, sales insights and tools to maximize early commercial success and prevent costly mistakes. We then provide step-by-step support for startups in their market entry execution.