Learn how various industries are utilizing AR technology.

Are you looking for new ways to interact with users of your services? Are you responsible for developing new AR-based solutions? In this report you’ll find:

  • Applications of AR technology related to 7 key industry trends.

  • Examples of products and services built with AR technology.

  • Summary graphs displaying each trend’s market penetration, complexity, maturity, relevancy, novelty, and risk.

  • A short list of key companies to watch that are emerging leaders in AR technology.

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Augmented Reality is no longer just a “novelty.”

The “novelty app” stereotype no longer fits this rapidly advancing technology. Doctors have used AR to indicate the precise location of bones and blood vessels. The U.S. military created a helmet-mounted AR system designed to help soldiers in the field, projecting navigation and mapping information over the soldier’s field of vision. NASA is using a mixed reality International Space Station simulator to train their astronauts.


Enhancing the way we shop, buy, and sell.

Augmented Reality will greatly modify how consumers use products. The consumer has the opportunity to enhance their experience not only with the buying decision process but also with the products themselves–this gives consumers a more unique interaction and hands-on approach in their connection with many products.


Revamping healthcare technology.

AR has numerous uses in the medical field: decreasing the risk in high-risk instances, providing doctors with better options to educate their patients on their symptoms, and even aiding physicians in locating their patients’ veins more effectively. The impact that AR is having in the healthcare industry is markedly altering processes and quality of care that patients can receive, and changing the way that we learn about the human body.


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