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One in 5 M&A transactions is digital.

*Increase in share from 2016 to 2018 of M&A execs that say Technology is their primary M&A driver (Deloitte).

Traditional industry companies are buying digital startups like never before. Digital M&A is real and growing fast.


No sector is immune.

Automotive, food & beverage, industrial machinery, retail, banking, transportation, CPG… If you are in If you are an innovation executive, an R&D manager or a corporate M&A leader, you simply cannot ignore this trend. More and more corporations are taking the digital challenge head on through acquisitions and investments in digital startups.

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So much technology, so little time.

Augmented computing, AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies are transforming the innovation landscape. Digital M&A, and yet, 80% of M&A executives are ill-equipped for the technologies that are transforming industry (Accenture). Don’t be one of them.


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