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D3 is a new kind of innovation scouting service focused on emerging technology verticals.

  • Track key technology trends and relevant applications.

  • Find the best partners and startups.

  • Execute POCs, integrations and innovation partnerships.

  • Cut through the noise, see through the hype.  

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Tap into key technology trends, opportunities and startups.

If you are an innovation executive, an R&D manager or a corporate development leader, you simply cannot miss out on innovations that have the potential to materially change the trajectory of your industry - or upend it.

Domain Deep Dive (D3) is a new kind of innovation scouting service designed to take organizations from the surface to the deep-end fast. In just a few weeks, we help sharpen a company's understanding of key technology trends, brings the most valuable applications into focus, and enable innovation leaders to sift through the global ecosystem to select the best partnership opportunities. 


A modular approach for rapid execution and ROI. 

The D3 methodology is modular, built around a three core innovation discovery modules.

  1. Intelligence. We use data sources, expert interviews, and research to bring into focus the key trends impacting a technology domain and their time horizon.

  2. Scouting. We systematically explore the ecosystem, screening and vetting potential partners, technology suppliers and startups. 

  3. Partnering. We act as an interface to the innovation ecosystem, engaging with target partners to drill down on their technology's advantages, applications and potential flaws. We relentlessly and objectively validate information at the source.


Focused on the technologies that are transforming industry.

Augmented computing, AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies are transforming the innovation landscape. We offer D3 in seven key technology domains: Industrial IOT, Industrial Cyber Security, Industrial Blockchain, Machine Learning & Analytics, Robotics & Computer Vision, Enterprise VR/AR, Martech & Digital Retail.

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