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Data is of little uses without insight. Given the sheer amount of innovation being created worldwide, companies that aim to fend off competitors must continuously scan and monitor technological trends and focus on those most relevant to their business strategy and outcome.

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3500+ technology trends, opportunities and inspirations.

The Innovation Radar is the ultimate source for technology trend monitoring and insight. It catalogs and classifies hundreds of trends and opportunities in key innovation domains, such as Automation, Robotics, Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Connected Everything, Human-Machine Interaction, Augmented & Virtual RealityCybersecurity and much more.  

Trends are classified and rated based on technological maturity, market penetration, risk level, recommended course of action and other criteria. 


Like GPS for your technology scouting research and analysis

Navigate the global innovation landscape:

  • Trend & Opportunities. Keep track of all relevant new market opportunities and threats in your industry.

  • Market and Technology Conditions. Get profound technology and industry insights in key emerging domains.

  • Cross-connected Inspiration Database. A comprehensive database that maps trends, technologies and use cases to “connect the dots”.


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US Market Entry

Are you considering creating a technology scouting system or event outposts in key innovation ecosystems like Silicon Valley?  

Market entry challenges

Are you clear about where you should focus your scouting resources and how to map technology developments? 

Challenges report

Do you have a clear strategy to identify growth innovation areas and the trends that will impact your industry in the future?


Try the Innovation Radar now.  

 A rich database and a flexible, customizable tool built by Detecon, the the technology consulting firm of the Deutsche Telekom group.

4000+ trends, opportunities and inspirations    1000+ expert contributors    Maturity, risk and adoption scoring